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A group meeting to discuss their issues with gambling
A.L.L. IN.
A support group for men and women struggling with problematic gambling behaviour.
Woman sitting on a couch talking to a counsellor.
Addictions / Concurrent Disorders Counselling
Individualized outpatient / office-based support to help you attain your substance use, concurrent disorder (substance use and mental health), or gambling goals.
Man and woman shaking hands in doorway
Adult Federal Diversion
For people alleged to have committed an offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).
Man putting something into the pocket of his jeans.
Anti-Shop Lifting Program
This educational program can help youth who have been caught shoplifting.
Man hunched over painting.
Artistic Expressions
Promotes positive self-reflection and change using art as a therapeutic medium.
Group of young people sitting on a ledge looking at their phones.
Attendance Centre
An effective and efficient alternative to custody for youth involved in the justice system.
Red car driving on a racetrack.
Back on Track
For drivers convicted of or suspended for Impaired Driving.
Judge signing bail release papers
Bail Verification and Supervision
Have you been arrested and detained? Maybe we can help. Discover your options.
A treatment specialist meeting with a residential client
Bed-Based Treatment
Separate gender-based, 5-week live in programs for people aged 16 and up.
Professional tradesman instructing his apprentice
Better Jobs Ontario
Come into one of our employment centres to speak to staff about options for embarking on a second career.
Person drawing on blackboard with 4 young people sitting at a table.
Canada-Ontario Job Grant
Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides an opportunity for employers to invest in their workforce, with help from the government.
Crew of young people cleaning up a park
Community Service Order
Community based option to perform community service work.
A therapist and a patient talking
Concurrent Disorders/Mental Health Case Management
Intensive case management for people struggling with mental health or mental health and substance use issues.
The word Career split into two puzzle pieces.
Connections to Employers
We work with job seekers to help identify skills and career goals to develop a pool of qualified candidates to match with available positions and provide financial assistance to employers to help offset expenses.
A virtual counselling session on a laptop
Continuing Care
Support for people who want to maintain the gains they made while in treatment.
A photo of Cornerstone House
Cornerstone House
Cornerstone House offers a shelter and a Transitional Housing Program for men and women who are between 18 and 29 years of age.
Overhead view of a group of people joining hands in support.
Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST)
Provides crisis support to individuals in the environment of their choice.
Counsellor with her hand on a patients shoulder.
Crisis Phone and Walk-in Service
Provides immediate crisis support and counselling for individuals experiencing a mental health or situational crisis.
A client in a one-on-one session with a counsellor
Day Treatment
Day treatment is a 5-week outpatient program for all genders, aged 16 and up.
Young man coming to an agreement with older couple
Direct Accountability Program
Have you been charged with a minor offense?
man reaching for hand
Emergency Shelter Intake Services
The Emergency Shelter Intake Services will support individuals and/or families in seeking shelter-bed availability within the City of Brantford.
Three people smiling and shaking hands
Enhanced (Mental Health) Bail Verification and Supervision
Support for individuals with severe and persistent mental health and/or addiction and may have been denied supervision.
Police officer standing behind a police car.
Extrajudicial Measures (Youth Pre-Charge)
Community based sentencing option for minor offenses.
Young woman performing community service at a donation centre
Extrajudicial Sanctions
Provides alternatives to the formal court process.
Hand holding syringes.
Harm Reduction Supply Program
Provides safe use supplies to reduce harm related to substance use.
Hopeful Journey
Hopeful Journeys
An open, ongoing, peer support group for individuals in recovery from addictions and mental health issues.
hands holding a piece of cardboard cut to be shaped like a house
Housing Resource Centre
The Housing Resource Centre supports individuals and their families who are at risk or who are experiencing homelessness in seeking permanent housing options within the City of Brantford and Brant area.
Woman with a teenager looking at a computer.
Job Search Services
Assists individuals in finding sustainable employment by working with an employment consultant to identify skills, capabilities, experience, and develop a job search plan, conduct mock interviews, and more.
Counsellor comforting a woman in distress.
Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT)
Mental Health Specialist staff are paired with police officers to respond to 911 calls related to mental health.
Four people sitting in a group session.
An ongoing, open support group for individuals facing challenges related to concurrent disorders.
Two coworkers smiling
ODSP Employment Supports
The ODSP Employment Supports focuses on providing Employment supports to those on ODSP. This can include everything from a job search to job coaching.
Peter Willis Residence
Peter Willis Residence is a community residential facility for male federal offenders who are on parole and transitioning back into the community.
Red and blue lights on top of a police car.
Pre-charge Diversion
Community based sentencing option for minor offenses.
Two health care professionals talking over a counter
Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAM)
Partner agencies working together to offer comprehensive support for individuals with a substance use disorder.
Doctor standing in front of Emergency Room sign.
Rapid Addiction Support Team (RAST)
Addiction Case Management for people who access the local emergency department because of opiate use.
Long row of computer monitors, keyboards and mice on white tables.
Resources for Success
All employment centres have computers, telephones, fax machines, skills and capabilities assessments, career information, and much more.
man looking at tablet with head between hands
Responsible Gambling
Support for people who want to change their gambling behaviour.
woman smiling with hand on shoulder of another woman
Road to Recovery
Road to Recovery will provide clients with practical information, strategies, and tools to manage relapse and maintain recovery momentum.
Four people in a group session.
S.M.A.R.T. Families Support Group
An open support group for individuals struggling with a family member or loved one who is experiencing challenges related to substance use and/or gambling.
Young man with his hand on his face looking concerned.
SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan) Youth Justice
Change hard thoughts into cool thoughts.
Large white brick house.
Station House
Station House provides a safe place to stay for young people who are experiencing homelessness or who are at risk of homelessness.
A group session of young adults
Stop ShopTheft Program
For persons charged with theft.
Young man standing in the doorway of a residence
Supportive Housing - Addictions
Provides individuals with safe, affordable housing.
Aerial view of downtown Brantford.
Supportive Housing - City of Brantford
Supportive housing helps people who are at risk of homelessness, promoting self-sufficiency while preventing housing loss.
A nurse comforting a patient during treatment
Withdrawal Management
Withdrawal management provides support for withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drugs.
Work Readiness and Advancement Program (WRAP): Employers
WRAP provides financial assistance to employers to help offset the costs of hiring people aged 15 to 30 who are not currently in school.
girl at desk smiling
Work Readiness and Advancement Program (WRAP): Youth Employment Skills Strategy
WRAP focuses on supporting youth who are experiencing homelessness, unstable housing and who may struggle with mental health/addictions, which all can contribute to poor employment retention.
Teenage girl sitting on a couch talking to a counsellor.
Short-term outreach crisis support and stabilization for children and youth up to aged 18.
Young people getting a stern talking to
Youth Federal Diversion
Young person alleged to have committed an offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).
Group of people standing in a circle with hands joined.
Youth HUB
A variety of programs to help young people develop valuable skills.
two girls sitting a a computer smiling
Youth Job Search Club
Join our Youth Job Search Club
Parents scolding a teenager.
Youth Justice Family Counsellor Program
Support to the families of youth in conflict with the law.
A teenage boy receiving support from a therapist
Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program
Court support for youth when mental health concerns may be a factor.
Young person in a yellow hoodie standing with his head down.
Youth Support Program
Community based supports for high risk youth involved in the Youth Justice System.