Bail Verification and Supervision

Judge signing bail release papers

The Bail Verification and Supervision program is a community-based program provided in partnership with St. Leonard’s Community Services and the Ministry of the Attorney the General.

The Bail program is designed to support the existing justice system and the efficiency of the court system by ensuring that people who would otherwise be entitled to release from detention are not detained due to lack of financial resources or community connections.

The Bail program supports people, mentally capable of understanding the expectations for the Bail program, who are unable to obtain surety and who are willing and motivated to participate, make positive changes in their lives.

Other criteria include awaiting initial bail proceedings, remanded for show cause hearing, in custody and unable to meet their surety, and/or appealing a bail decision, which has resulted in detention. People can self-refer to this program, or be referred by friends or relatives. 


Monday to Friday, daytime and evening appointments are available.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 16+
Legal status: Court referral

Contact Information

Brantford and Haldimand
Phone: (519) 756-1117Fax: (519) 756-4329