Peter Willis Residence

two storey brick house with porch

Peter Willis Residence (PWR) provides clients with the skills and supports they need to achieve a productive, pro-social lifestyle.

PWR assists clients’ transition to the community by offering individual counselling, group programs, and employment services.

PWR can accommodate up to 11 clients on Day Parole, Statutory Release, Statutory Release with Residency, Long Term Supervision Order and Unescorted Temporary Absences (UTA’s).

All applications for residency at PWR are screened by the Brant Community Assessment Team, which is comprised of community volunteers and local police.

Other supports available are:

  • Individual and group substance use counselling
  • Interpersonal and instrumental life skills training
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Employment counselling
  • Crisis support

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 18+
Legal Status: Federal offender/Correction Services referrals only
Gender: Male only

Contact Information

Phone: (519) 753-4600Toll Free: +0 (226) 400-1122 (collect calls)Fax: (519) 753-5220

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