Justice Programs for Youth

The Justice team at St. Leonard's Community Services offers numerous programs that can help you if you have become involved with the legal system. The Youth Justice team has a variety of options specifically for helping young people who are between 12 and 18 years of age.

The goal of these services is to provide youth with alternative solutions to legal charges and formal court proceedings, so that they can avoid a criminal record or even potential jail time by taking responsibility and making amends for unlawful actions.

Some of these alternatives to the courts include volunteer hours and service in the community and paying restitution, as well as participating in counselling and workshops, training programs and education, and more.

Clients are referred to our services through a variety of sources. These include probation, the courts, and the police. Young people can also self-refer or be referred by the community, friends or family to our Youth Family Justice Counsellor.

If you would like more information about the Justice Team and our programs, please feel free to reach out.

Youth Justice Programs

Man putting something into the pocket of his jeans.
Anti-Shop Lifting Program
This educational program can help youth who have been caught shoplifting.
Group of young people sitting on a ledge looking at their phones.
Attendance Centre
An effective and efficient alternative to custody for youth involved in the justice system.
Judge signing bail release papers
Bail Verification and Supervision
Have you been arrested and detained? Maybe we can help. Discover your options.
A therapist and a patient talking
Concurrent Disorders/Mental Health Case Management
Intensive case management for people struggling with mental health or mental health and substance use issues.
Three people smiling and shaking hands
Enhanced (Mental Health) Bail Verification and Supervision
Support for individuals with severe and persistent mental health and/or addiction and may have been denied supervision.
Police officer standing behind a police car.
Extrajudicial Measures (Youth Pre-Charge)
Community based sentencing option for minor offenses.
Young woman performing community service at a donation centre
Extrajudicial Sanctions
Provides alternatives to the formal court process.
Young man with his hand on his face looking concerned.
SNAP® (Stop Now And Plan) Youth Justice
Change hard thoughts into cool thoughts.
Young people getting a stern talking to
Youth Federal Diversion
Young person alleged to have committed an offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).
Group of people standing in a circle with hands joined.
Youth HUB
A variety of programs to help young people develop valuable skills.
Parents scolding a teenager.
Youth Justice Family Counsellor Program
Support to the families of youth in conflict with the law.
A teenage boy receiving support from a therapist
Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program
Court support for youth when mental health concerns may be a factor.
Young person in a yellow hoodie standing with his head down.
Youth Support Program
Community based supports for high risk youth involved in the Youth Justice System.