Attendance Centre

Group of young people sitting on a ledge looking at their phones.

The Attendance Centre provides an effective and efficient alternative to custody for youth involved in the justice system.  The goal of the Attendance Centre is to provide community-based alternative interventions that reduce reoffending rates and address prevention, rehabilitation, reintegration and reparation of harm.

The Attendance Centre staff develop an individualized plan with the youth that compliments with the Probation Officer’s Case Management Plan and reflects the assessment of needs, criminogenic factors to be targeted, specific program/supports/interventions and the expected outcomes of service.

The programs offered via the Attendance Centre include cognitive skills, self-awareness, life skills, substance use, financial literacy, employment or job search skills.


Monday to Friday, daytime and evening appointments are available.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 12-17 (at time of offence)

Legal Status: Probation referral

Contact Information

Phone: (519) 759-7220Fax: (519) 759-6774

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