Youth Justice Family Counsellor Program

Parents scolding a teenager.

The Youth Justice Family Counsellor Program provides supports to the families of youth in conflict with the law to support rehabilitation and address situations that put youth at risk of re-offending.   

The Counsellor engages the youth and family to identify needs, empowers them to address needs and develop holistic, individualized and strength-based supports and services. 

The program will assist the youth and family in system navigation, share information about other community resources, supports and services and provide appropriate referrals to address risk factors.

Program Goals

  • Improved functioning and positive social behaviour
  • Increased skills and abilities
  • Increased youth engagement with supports
  • Decreased re-offending


Monday to Friday, daytime and evening appointments are available.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 12-17
Legal Status: At risk and/or high risk youth who are in conflict with the law, have been sentenced and are at risk to reoffend, reside in a high needs community, mental health and/or behavioural needs.

Contact Information

Phone: (519) 759-7220Fax: (519) 759-6774

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