Justice Services

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St. Leonard's Community Services' Justice Services provide client centered community based and residential environments that provide strength based individual and group focused education, assessment and counselling to youth and adults involved in the legal system.

The goal of these services is to provide people with alternative solutions to legal charges and formal court proceedings, so that they can avoid a criminal record or even jail time by taking responsibility and making amends for unlawful actions.

Some of these alternatives to the courts include volunteer hours and service in the community and paying restitution, as well as participating in counselling and workshops, training programs and education, and more.

Youth Justice Services

Our Youth Justice team has a variety of options specifically for helping young people who are between 12 and 18 years of age. Find out more about our justice programs specifically for youth.

The people we work with will have been referred to St. Leonard's Community Services by the police, the courts, or probation officials. Young people can also self-refer or be referred by the community to our Youth Family Justice Counsellor. If you have been directed to contact our Justice Services team, please call (519) 756-1117 to get started.

Back on Track

If you have been referred to the Back on Track program for an impaired driving offence, please visit the Back on Track website or call 1 (888) 814-5831 to register.

Back on Track

Justice Programs

For a more in-depth look at our numerous programs and how they work, along with eligibility requirements and scheduling, please consult the individual program description pages.

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