Employment Programs for Job Seekers

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Better Jobs Ontario
Come into one of our employment centres to speak to staff about options for embarking on a second career.
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Connections to Employers
We work with job seekers to help identify skills and career goals to develop a pool of qualified candidates to match with available positions and provide financial assistance to employers to help offset expenses.
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Job Search Services
Assists individuals in finding sustainable employment by working with an employment consultant to identify skills, capabilities, experience, and develop a job search plan, conduct mock interviews, and more.
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ODSP Employment Supports
The ODSP Employment Supports focuses on providing Employment supports to those on ODSP. This can include everything from a job search to job coaching.
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Resources for Success
All employment centres have computers, telephones, fax machines, skills and capabilities assessments, career information, and much more.
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Work Readiness and Advancement Program (WRAP): Youth Employment Skills Strategy
WRAP focuses on supporting youth who are experiencing homelessness, unstable housing and who may struggle with mental health/addictions, which all can contribute to poor employment retention.