Adult Federal Diversion

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The Federal Diversion program is a community-based sentencing option used to deal with a person alleged to have committed an offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA).

Protocols have been established between these partners to facilitate referrals.

Federal Diversion may be used to deal with people alleged to have committed a federal offence only if the person cannot be adequately dealt with by way of police warning, caution or referral to the Pre-Charge Diversion program.  This is due to the serious nature of the offence and the number of previous offences committed by the person or any other aggravating circumstances.

The Federal Diversion program offers alternatives to the formal court process by providing community based sanctions when a person is alleged to have committed an offence.

The goal of the Federal Diversion program is to provide supportive interventions and programming to assist adults in accepting responsibility for their offence and addressing the impact of the alleged offence.

Education and awareness are the key components of programming in the Federal Diversion program.


Monday to Friday, daytime and evening appointments are available.

Eligibility Criteria

Age: 18+
Legal Status: Crown Attorney referral
Other: $125.00 program fee

Contact Information

Phone: (519) 756-1117Fax: (519) 756-4329

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