Addictions and Mental Health Programs

Woman sitting on a couch talking to a counsellor.
Addictions / Concurrent Disorders Counselling
Individualized outpatient / office-based support to help you attain your substance use, concurrent disorder (substance use and mental health), or gambling goals.
A treatment specialist meeting with a residential client
Bed-Based Treatment
Separate gender-based, 5-week live in programs for people aged 16 and up.
Overhead view of a group of people joining hands in support.
Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST)
Provides crisis support to individuals in the environment of their choice.
Counsellor with her hand on a patients shoulder.
Crisis Phone and Walk-in Service
Provides immediate crisis support and counselling for individuals experiencing a mental health or situational crisis.
A client in a one-on-one session with a counsellor
Day Treatment
Day treatment is a 5-week outpatient program for all genders, aged 16 and up.
Hand holding syringes.
Harm Reduction Supply Program
Provides safe use supplies to reduce harm related to substance use.
Counsellor comforting a woman in distress.
Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT)
Mental Health Specialist staff are paired with police officers to respond to 911 calls related to mental health.
Two health care professionals talking over a counter
Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAM)
Partner agencies working together to offer comprehensive support for individuals with a substance use disorder.
Doctor standing in front of Emergency Room sign.
Rapid Addiction Support Team (RAST)
Addiction Case Management for people who access the local emergency department because of opiate use.
man looking at tablet with head between hands
Responsible Gambling
Support for people who want to change their gambling behaviour.
A nurse comforting a patient during treatment
Withdrawal Management
Withdrawal management provides support for withdrawal from alcohol and/or other drugs.
Teenage girl sitting on a couch talking to a counsellor.
Short-term outreach crisis support and stabilization for children and youth up to aged 18.