St. Leonard's Community Services Rebrands to SOAR Community Services

St. Leonard's Community Services Rebrands to SOAR Community Services


BRANTFORD, ON – St. Leonard's Community Services, a trusted not-for-profit organization serving the communities of Brantford, Brant, and Haldimand for over 55 years, is excited to announce its rebranding to SOAR Community Services.


While the programs, services, and core beliefs remain, a new name and brand better represents the evolution of the Agency. The name "St. Leonard's" is derived from the organization's roots as a provider of Justice services, which is not representative of the diversity of programs and services offered today.


 “The Agency has expanded significantly over the years,” notes Kim Baker, Executive Director of Services. “Our new name reflects both our organizational growth and the growth we wish to empower in clients and our community.”


SOAR is an acronym built from four powerful words that describe a client's journey: Support. Opportunity. Achieve. Resilience. SOAR provides support, which creates opportunity. With opportunity, clients are empowered to achieve their goals and build and retain resilience for their challenges. SOAR embodies our collective aspiration for individuals and our community to achieve great heights. It reflects our dedication to empowerment, growth, and positive change.


SOAR Community Services will continue St. Leonard's Community Services' legacy of offering essential support in Employment, Housing, Justice, and Addictions and Mental Health. Community members, including some of the most vulnerable individuals, can still access support in multiple areas simultaneously.


For a comprehensive overview of the various programs and services offered within each category, visit the program descriptions on the Agency's website: or


SOAR Community Services remains committed to maintaining quality assurance standards by consistently applying a Client Service Model based on evidence-informed best practices, ensuring effectiveness in assisting clients. “What won’t change is our commitment to excellence in supporting our community,” assures Becky Norman, Executive Director of Operations.


The roll-out of this new brand will take place over the next several weeks. SOAR Community Services stresses that there will be no changes to their phone number, locations, programs, services, mission, vision, or values, because of the rebranding. Existing client supports will remain and the Agency will continue to explore opportunities to provide new programs and services that meet the needs of the community.  The Agency still strives to put clients’ wellness first in Addictions & Mental Health, Employment, Justice, and Housing.



For media inquiries or interviews, please contact:

Meaghan Crouch, Marketing, 519-759-8830 ext. 2210 or

For more information:

Becky Norman, Executive Director of Operations, 519-759-8830 ext. 2202 or

Kim Baker, Executive Director of Services, 519-759-8830 ext. 2511 or

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